The Best E-6 I Ever Had

He sat atop the truck lubricating the .50
Function-checking it, cleaned it so well
It’d be cleaner to eat from than the chow hall.
Guys went to the gym and he did, too –
But he spent a lot more time cleaning the M-14.
And when we had spare time we’d go to the FOB
Range and test the crew-served’s; he dialed in
His scope for the squad-designated marksman rifle –
He was surgical with the M203, licking a finger to
Test the wind and from the hip launched a 40mm
Three alleys down, right on top of the hajj –
And when we laid in wait at observation posts,
Carefully watching and waiting till the shady dude
Lurking about actually produced mortar rounds
To bury in the hole he’d dug; “Goodnight princess”
As he slowly squeezed the trigger – a true warrior.
And I was proud to be able to call him one of mine –
A solid scout, a fearless soldier, a weapons pervert.

About anotherwarriorpoet

Mathew Bocian served as a Captain in the United States Army with the Stryker Brigade and was deployed to Mosul and Tal'Afar in 2004 - 2005, and to Baghdad for The Surge in 2007 - 2008. He left the Army in 2012 and now uses his poetry as a way to heal from the traumas of war, while attempting to express to readers the realities of war. He is the recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart, and holds a master's from the Graduate School for Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh.
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